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Who is Genevieve Siegel?

Genevieve Siegel is a Holistic Fertility Empowerment Expert and creator of the Gen-Touch Holistic Fertility Method™. She empowers strong ambitious souls who are having challenges trying to conceive and helps them to feel calm, confident and in control of their fertility journey. She has a special passion for empowering women, globally, so they can be their whole and happy self again.

Genevieve’s journey to becoming a Holistic Fertility Empowerment Expert began in 1995 when she was the first woman CFO of $50m steel company. And even though she appeared to be successful on the outside, she was very unhealthy on the inside. If fact, she almost died. Six months after she recovered from that, she was diagnosed with endometriosis and had a large cyst on her right ovary. After laparoscopy and a couple years of taking a variety of hormones, from the pill to Lupron Depot, and having surgery, the endometriosis persisted. Her doctors told her that it was fine to get pregnant and excitedly she and her husband tried with no success. And then was told she was anovulatory infertile. She then took Clomid to try to conceive and did not succeed. The side-effects of so many medications had become unbearable. Frustrated with the whole process and feeling incredibly anxious, Genevieve stopped taking all medications. Just when she thought life would be back on track, she started contending with severe and debilitating panic attacks.

And after 6 years of enduring on and off western medicine and less severe panic attacks, and going to cognitive therapy, she finally decided to do something different. Taking a break from her 13-year career in the corporate accounting industry she began taking Holistic Healing Classes. While seeking her own healing, Genevieve found her new passion and a new profession! She became a Holistic Health Practitioner.

After taking courses in various holistic healing modalities and making lifestyle changes, Genevieve was panic attack free, medication free and anxiety/depression free, with no noticeable signs of cysts. However, still painful menses and severe PMS persisted and fertility issues were a concern.   She soon discovered that Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT) was the piece that was missing in her healing. Genevieve began taking Personal Care and Professional Training courses where she experienced huge emotional releases, spiritual transformations and physical healing from her traumatic childhood. And she actually conceived a baby. 

And since 2006, she discovered that being healthy and fertile was not just about the physical, but that most women needed to heal holistically, meaning mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, before they could conceive. And for the last 13 years she has been helping strong and ambitious souls who are having challenges trying to conceive go on a transformational holistic journey where they can be calm, confident and in control of their fertility journey. And many of them succeed in achieving this their goal of conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby. This is what led her to create the Gen-Touch Holistic Fertility Method™, an ‘Outside-the-Box’ signature holistic fertility program.  See below for more information about this program.

Gen-Touch Holistic Fertility Method™ Digital Hybrid Program

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